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I wish people would stop bashing other ships or saying how annoyed they are seeing people praise their ship. I think it’s immature. Why care about what others are doing or what’s wrong with another ship? Love your ship, praise your ship, but stop the hate. For there shouldn’t be so much hate about fictional couples of a family TV show.

^THIS individual needs to breed…..RAPIDLY there is intelligence in their genes.

This amazing advice is applicable to many fandoms.  :) 

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    YES! look at me and kirst! Merthur and Arwen! Hell one if my other best mates is a Mergana shipper! Peace man. Make...
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    Disliking a ship? TOTALLY ok! Disliking videos just for a ship? NOT ok! Bashing ships (especially in the tag)? NOT ok!...
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    Yeah, tell that to the people who are always disliking my Merlin/Arthur videos for no reasons or the ones who are...
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