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That ship hasn’t left the harbor, it won’t sail and it will hit an iceberg anyway. Still it can be fun to believe you are on the seven seas I guess, takes some imagination, but that is not what this confessor lacks ;)

I’ll never abandon E/S ship <3

To the very depths of me I believe in Eric and Sookie. I almost believe I shouldn’t have to only ‘believe’, because for me it’s a fact, and it would be beyond pointless if they do anything to change that. Sookie is what it’s all about and Eric is the strongest and purest character. And their story is already 89% home. Why, just why would TB jeopardize that. They won’t, they will play with our emotions and our minds, our insecure thoughts as to how surprising and innovative TB can be. They turn people into vampires etc., and that’s cool, but they will not turn on Eric and Sookie. That would be artistic suicide, because the fans, in them, see a work of art already. And they must have seen it too, it’s so clear as Eric’s eyes when he’s sad ;)

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